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Mobile App for Scanning and Tracking Inventory

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Jeffrey Mark Cutaio Jr
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Richard Croley
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Scans Barcodes of Items for Upload to Asset Management System

This smartphone application for iOS allows users to track inventory with ease. Most available inventory management systems use a barcode reader to scan asset tags. However, these can cost more than $2,000, presenting a significant initial financial burden to users.

An application developer at the University of Florida developed a dependable mobile application that uses the phone’s camera to scan asset barcodes. This application alleviates the financial burden of purchasing expensive barcode scanners for places such as universities, small businesses, startup companies, or nonprofit organizations.


Mobile phone application that scans location and asset barcodes to track inventory


  • Uses a familiar iOS interface, decreasing users’ learning curve
  • Requires no additional hardware, decreasing the initial cost
  • Uploads inventory directly to the user’s source system, improving the efficiency of inventory control
  • Retrieves items and their location(s) easily, saving time and increasing productivity


This iOS application uses either a phone’s built-in camera or an optional Honeywell Sled attachment to scan item barcodes. Users begin by either selecting a room or location from a pre-loaded list or by scanning the room’s barcode. User’s then scan the barcodes of the individual assets within the room. The app keeps a list of all items matched within the room and the user can then upload the list to their asset management system at any time.

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