Icon-Driven Labels for Safer Handling of Blood Products During Transport

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Provides Easy-to-Understand Directions for Proper Blood Storage Procedures, Increasing Understanding and Compliance, Resulting in Decreased Waste

These transport cooler labels illustrate the proper transport and storage of blood products using simple icons rather than text to better communicate handling procedures and prevent costly waste. More than 70 percent of blood product loss occurs during transportation between blood banks and operating rooms. Available labels are text-heavy and often misunderstood or ignored, resulting in storage and transport of blood products at an improper temperature, which is the most significant cause of loss. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed icon-driven labels that direct staff in proper handling by showing clear visual illustrations to reduce mistakes. Using these labels at the University of Florida has decreased waste and reduced costs.


Icon-driven instructional labels for safer blood transport and storage


  • Reduces blood product waste, lowering hospital costs
  • Incorporates icons into the label design, increasing ease of understanding transport and storage instructions


These copyrighted labels are paired to affix to the outside and inside of blood transport coolers. The outside label indicates the types of blood products to store in the cooler, while the inside label shows the proper method of storing blood products and coolant packs. The implementation of these labels at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine saved the hospital almost $20,000 in five months.