Plasmon-Driven Synthesis for High Yield Production of Gold Nanoprisms

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Wei Wei
Yueming Zhai
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Lenny Terry
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PCT Patent Application WO 2017/210060

Facilitates Applications in Photochemical, Biomedical and Photothermal Devices

This physicochemical process harnesses plasmon-driven photochemistry to facilitate the synthesis of gold nanoprisms at a high percentage yield. Gold is a superior metal with regards to medical and engineering applications because of its resistance to oxygen and heat, as well as its high malleability. Available processes for synthesizing nanostructures for medical and engineering purposes are only achievable with silver nanoparticles. Nanomaterials synthesized through a plasmon-driven process have applications in photochemistry, biomedicine, and photothermal therapeutics, and the market for these nanomaterials is predicted to surpass $5.5 billion by 2017. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a process facilitating the plasmon-driven synthesis of gold nanoprisms, allowing for the use of gold in nanoprism engineering for the first time. This low frequency synthesis combined with a high resulting yield facilitates a large scale synthesis of plasmonic gold nanomaterials, contributing to the progression in the engineering of photochemical, biomedical, and photothermal devices.


Plasmon-driven photochemistry for the synthesis of gold and other noble metal nanomaterials


  • Effectively harnesses plasmon-driven photochemistry to synthesize gold nanostructures, broadening the scope of noble metal architectures
  • Promotes large scale synthesis of gold nanoparticles, facilitating applications in drug delivery, photothermal therapeutics, bioimaging, photocatalysis, chemical and bio sensing, spectroscopy, photovoltaic devices and solar


This light-driven process of crystalizing nanoparticles synthesizes gold nanomaterials combined with the surfactant polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) The addition of PVP into the nanomaterial composition encourages the excitation of electrons. The interaction of light, surfactants and nanocrystal twinning effectively harnesses plasmon-driven photochemistry to synthesize gold nanostructures.