Automated Eye Drop Dispenser

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Facilitates administration of medicated drops

This ophthalmic tool automates the administration of eye drops for easier and more accurate instillation. Certain patients, including those with coordination problems, some elderly individuals, and young children, lack the dexterity needed to gently pull down their lower eyelids and instill the prescribed number of medicated drops in their conjunctival sacs. These drugs are less effective when improperly applied and difficulty with administration can lead to decreased compliance with dosing schedules, which can prolong illness. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a tool that allows for instillation of eye drops through eye glass frames. This device promises to increase the efficacy of medicated eye drops and capture a significant portion of the more-than-$16 billion-a-year global ophthalmic drugs market.


Tool for administering medicated eye drops


  • Tunable and automated delivery reduces user error, resulting in better treatment outcomes
  • Adjustable dosage ensures that a consistent volume of fluid is created and delivered into the eye, facilitating proper administration
  • Uses a frame similar to that of eyeglasses, enhancing patient comfort and ease of use


This device uses eyeglass frames to facilitate the instillation of medicated drops. The frame includes a camera, eye drop solution bottle, and a drop creation device. The invention can be equipped with any peripheral hardware required for the components to communicate, including a choice of battery. The camera(s) take images of the eyes to determine blink frequency before synchronizing the drop creation device to eject the drop. This technology creates the drop to be dispensed and can be tuned to dispense the drop in a desired location, at a desired time and velocity.