3D Wireless Charger for Mobile and Wearable Devices

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Jenshan Lin
Ron-Chi Kuo
Patrick Riehl
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PCT Patent Application WO 2017/139594

Allows for Efficient, Optimal Charging of Devices No Matter How They Are Positioned

This wireless charging device allows for a high degree of flexibility when positioning mobile electronics for charging. More than 7 billion mobile devices are active worldwide, and the wireless charging market will reach $13.7 billion by 2020. However, available wireless charging devices are flat and require close alignment of the transmitter to the receiver in order to sufficiently charge, which limits the types of devices and the positions conducive to charging. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed an array of coils that can be arranged around a 3D structure and selectively activated to optimize charging of mobile devices at a wide range of orientations. For instance, the wireless device creates the opportunity for optimal wireless charging in cars as the device could be integrated into a cup holder, allowing a driver to arbitrarily place a smart phone inside the charger without taking attention from the road.


3D structure for flexible positioning and optimal wireless charging of devices


  • Transmitter coil array and 3D structure, allowing charging of devices at any angle
  • Includes coils that can be selectively activated, optimizing high-efficiency charging


This charger uses a small array of transmitter coils that can be selectively activated with different phase relationships to optimize charging. The coils are arranged as a 3D structure to allow charging of mobile devices at a wide range of orientations. This no longer limits the design possibilities of wireless chargers to mostly planar structures such as charging pads, which are not always optimal. . It might be advantageous to design a non-planar in-vehicle charger, for example.