Durable Colored Paint That Makes Surfaces Superhydrophobic and Self-Cleaning

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Wolfgang M. Sigmund
Yung-Chieh Hung
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Exhibits Higher Rates of Superhydrophobicity than Paints Without Added Color Pigments

This durable colored paint supplies superhydrophobic and self-cleaning properties to a variety of surfaces. A material exhibits hydrophobic properties when its surface is difficult to wet due to the organization of its particles. This resistance to wetness brings about properties such as self-cleaning and resistance to bacteria buildup. All hydrophobic paints on the market are available only in white because of the disruptive chemical composition of the pigments that give paints color. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a superhydophobic paint that is colored and exhibits even higher rates of superhydrophobicity than those without the added color pigments. This paint can be applied to various surfaces for architectural, household, medical, and other usages.


Durable colored paint gives surfaces superhydrophobic and antimicrobial properties


  • Overcomes disruptive chemical composition of pigments, resulting in superhydrophobic paints with color
  • Applies superhydrophobic properties to surfaces, making them easy to clean and resistant to bacteria


This durable colored paint exhibits superhydrophobic properties due to the arrangement of its silica nanoparticles. These nanoparticles in the composition of the paint create water contact angles of over 150 degrees, which mimic the water resistant properties of lotus leaves. The silica nanoparticle organization encourages bacteria resistance due to the resulting superhydrophobicity of the paint. This paint incorporates blue, red, and green pigments. The paints which contain these coloring pigments exhibit higher rates of water resistance than standard white superhydrophobic paints due to the chemical composition of the pigments.