Fountain Code Schemes for Enhanced Communication Networks and Media Streaming

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Dapeng Oliver Wu
Yun Zhu
Qiuyuan Huang
Jiade Li
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Richard Croley
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PCT Patent Application WO2017/1611148

Decreases Delay and Improves Quality of High-Definition Video on Mobile Devices

These delay-aware network fountain coding schemes increase throughput and decrease delay along a data network. The explosive demand of online video from smart mobile devices poses unprecedented challenge to delivering high quality experiences over wireless networks. The random nature of wireless channels and fluctuating video bit rate prevent available technologies from consistently streaming quality high-definition video. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed adaptive fountain code processes that predict and improve incoming information, increasing the effectiveness of packet information as it moves along a data network. These coding systems use fountain coding schemes that are more adaptive to source and relay node information, resulting in a delay-aware and loss-tolerant fountain coding schemes. These schemes ultimately make for better multi-hop network communications and can improve video streaming quality and live video communication forms in 3G, 4G, and 5G networks.


Improved communication performance for cellular, wireless, satellite and internet communication platforms


  • Adaptive fountain coding schemes, increasing communication performance of cell phones, laptops, computers and video processing
  • Schemes use significantly fewer network queues, increasing throughput for fountain and network coding
  • Protocols allowing for video bitrate prediction, increasing off- and online streaming quality


These network fountain coding schemes reduce delay and congestion throughout a communication network, increasing performance of communication networks by increasing throughput. The delay-aware fountain coding technique uses a series of protocols to effectively filter and predict incoming information from source nodes and optimize information as it moves throughout a network. University of Florida researchers exploit the problematic fluctuation of video bit rate to improve fountain codes for wireless streaming by using two different coding techniques and optimizing widow length and sampling patterns. The result is higher video quality with low delay and constant data rate.