UE |Applications|: an Upper Extremity Reference Tool and Database for Orthopedic Professionals

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Comprehensive Reference Guide for Upper Extremity Orthopedics on a Mobile Application

This specialized mobile application, UE | ApplicationsTM, provides extensive and detailed reference materials for upper extremity conditions to assist students, therapists, and practitioners in the orthopedic field. Proper functioning of the upper extremities, generally including the hands, shoulders, and elbows, is necessary for many of the activities of daily living. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, one third of all acute injuries treated in emergency rooms involve the upper extremities. University of Florida researchers have developed an upper extremity mobile application that provides practitioners, therapists, and students with a clinical treatment guide for upper extremity conditions. The application provides orthopedic practitioners, physical and occupational therapists, and students with a comprehensive database that offers answers to frequently asked questions, explanations, and clinical references based on the latest relevant medical literature. Subscribers to the application can utilize the upper extremity database to assist with their study and practice in the orthopedic field.


Extensive reference tool and clinical treatment guide for upper extremity orthopedic conditions


  • Delivers detailed upper extremity orthopedic references using text, images, and videos, providing subscribers with accurate and helpful clinical information
  • Offers treatment guidelines and protocols easily implemented in clinical settings, assisting practitioners with clinical treatments
  • Uses a small form factor based on mobile devices, making database access highly convenient
  • Updates reference database continually, providing users with the latest and most accurate clinical information


The mobile application is designed to assist orthopedic practitioners, physical/occupational therapists, and students in diagnosing upper extremity conditions and providing treatment guidelines. The application would run primarily on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which offer an unprecedented level of convenience for orthopedic physical therapists, students, and practitioners. This clinically ready reference tool can help diagnose and suggest treatment protocols for upper extremity conditions through a comprehensive database that includes descriptive text, images, and videos. The database would regularly update medical information and include an extensive questions & answers section that can provide data for specific problems. The application will operate through a subscription model with access to different features based on membership level.