Web App to Reduce Financial Waste in Healthcare

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Patrick J. Tighe
Joshua E. Hurwitz
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Improves Efficiency in Staffing and Clinic Offerings in Healthcare Operations

This web application is an operations management system for hospitals and other healthcare providers, improving efficiency in staffing and clinic offerings based on relative value units. An estimated fifth of all money spent on hospital expenses is wasted due to over-staffing and other inefficiencies. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a web app that allows hospitals and other healthcare providers to input variables about their current services and management operations to better staff their facilities and tailor their offerings. Such simulations further allow demonstration of projections for opportunity costs and revenue across multiple payor mixtures.


Web app utilizing given inputs to uncover the optimal patient offerings and staffing for healthcare providers


  • Allows for more specific inputs than available operations management software, producing more useful outputs


This application runs hospital inputs through an algorithm to determine the most efficient offerings for a hospital or healthcare service provider. Coded to demonstrate the economics of an acute pain service, the web app allows users to input custom mixtures of nerve block/rounding encounter types, the relative value units generated per event, and the payor mixture of reimbursement per relative value unit. The app demonstrates changes in relative value unit/reimbursement based on increasing numbers of blocks/encounters using the inputted information. This algorithm-based web app, which permits calculation and demonstration of opportunity costs in the face of both direct and indirect sources of value, is applicable to numerous aspects of healthcare.