Stable Gold Precursors for Electron Beam-Induced Deposition

Technology #15336

Gas-Phase Compounds of Gold Produce High-Purity Solid Metal Pieces for Circuitry and Semiconductor Manufacturing

These gold complexes can be used as gas phase precursors in electron beam-induced deposition to precisely construct nanoscale deposits of highly pure gold for potential applications in catalysis and plasmonics. Electron beam-induced deposition is used to form nanoscale 3D structures of various shapes and sizes needed in a number of industries including circuitry and semiconductor manufacturing. The process converts the precursor—typically a gas-phased complex of some particular metal – into small solid metal structures through contact with an electron beam. Most existing precursors for electron beam-induced deposition of gold produce deposits with extremely high levels of contamination. While certain gold precursors do produce highly pure gold deposits, they alternatively suffer from undesirable sensitivity to light, air, moisture and temperature, leaving them inadequate for the storage and large-scale quantity needs of most practical applications. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a family of gold complexes that are stable and suitable for gas-phase delivery in electron beam-induced deposition of highly pure gold deposits. The precursors are insensitive to many common atmospheric changes that could otherwise impair the successful storage and scale demands of commercial industries.


Storable and scalable gold complexes for use in electron beam-induced deposition


  • Provides gas-phase precursors for electron beam-induced deposition of gold, ensuring compatibility with the most widely used commercial tools
  • Greatly reduces organic and inorganic contaminants, resulting in highly pure deposits of gold
  • Maintains stability during exposure to differences in temperature, moisture, air, or light, enabling storage capabilities and quantity scaling necessary for potential applications


These electron beam-induced deposition (EBID) precursors include a family of gold complexes designed for gas phase delivery in the production of high-purity nanoscale solid gold deposits. The structure of the complexes and the properties of other molecules bound to the metal in the complexes allow for extremely low levels of contaminants in the gold deposits formed by the EBID process. In addition, the precursors may be used individually or in combination with one or more other precursors depending on the desired structure.