B Cell Depletion Antibody for Enhanced AAV-Mediated Gene Transfer

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Barry J. Byrne
Manuela Corti
Darin Falk Ph.D.
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Adjuvant Increases Safety and Efficacy of Gene Therapy throughout the Course of Treatment

This B cell depletion antibody increases both safety and efficiency of gene therapy by inhibiting the immune system responses to AAV gene transfer over multiple treatments. AAV gene transfer has proven to be useful in treating a number of diseases, including congestive heart failure, Parkinson’s disease, and hemophilia. Unfortunately, traditional methods of AAV gene transfer can trigger immune system responses when the body recognizes the AAV vector as a virus, especially after the first treatment. These immune responses can interrupt and destroy the AAV vector, preventing successful treatment. University of Florida researchers have developed a new method of performing AAV gene transfer where the AAV vector is co-administered with a B cell depletion antibody. The immune system responses to multiple AAV gene transfer treatments are greatly diminished by the antibody, improving the treatment’s efficiency and safety.


An improved method of performing AAV gene transfer by decreasing immune system response


  • Administers the B cell depletion antibody in combination with AAV gene transfer, allowing for multiple treatments
  • Decreases immune system response to AAV gene transfer, increasing treatment efficiency and safety


Traditional methods of AAV gene transfer do not include a B cell depletion antibody, which can allow immune system responses to the virus. These immune system responses make it difficult to perform multiple treatments, since the immune system recognizes the virus with increasing efficiency during subsequent treatments. This new method of AAV gene transfer accompanied by a B cell depletion antibody prevents certain immune system responses to the treatment. As a result, not only do multiple treatments become possible, but also overall AAV gene transfer therapy increases in efficiency and patient safety.