Software App that Assesses Quality of Cancer Treatment Programs in Real Time

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Web-Based Application Measures Quality Areas that Are Required for National Breast Cancer Program Accreditation

This software application electronically tracks in real time the quality of management received by a patient within a multidisciplinary breast cancer program for the purposes of achieving National Breast Cancer Program Accreditation. Typically, breast cancer programs analyze hundreds of charts to measure the quality of the care they give, comparing themselves to national metrics in their efforts to achieve accreditation. University of Florida researchers have developed software that compiles these charts into a primary interface for the reporting of patient data, the collection of real-time data of breast cancer quality parameters, and the storage of a retrospective database for ease in tracking the requirements of accreditation. This software is easy to implement, user-friendly, and allows breast cancer program practitioners to electronically pull from a large database that houses all the parameters and information needed. This highly efficient application can effectively identify gaps in care and sources of programmatic improvement in multidisciplinary care, simplifying data collection required for participation in national breast cancer accreditation organizations.


Web/Android-based software for assessing quality of breast cancer care for accreditation program


  • Helps track quality of care, allowing doctors to compare their program’s quality to the national metrics
  • Facilitates real-time program performance, tumor board review and automatic tumor staging, measuring all requirements necessary for accreditation
  • Includes web-based and Android application, making the interface accessible


This assessment quality tool combines three major components: a web application for administration and reporting of data, an Android tablet application for real-time data collection of breast cancer quality parameters, and a backend database where parameters are stored and reported. When a patient arrives at a hospital, the hospital has a set of procedures and protocols to manage the patient care – surgery, tests, chemotherapy, etc. This application tracks the quality of care and allows doctors to compare their program’s quality to the national metrics. The doctors enter data and information regarding the quality of breast cancer treatment that can then be seen and reviewed by the tumor board and other entities involved in hospital accreditation. This software easily pulls information together concerning the progress and performance of the management of a hospital.