Educational Presentation Software that Adapts to Audience Members’ Understanding

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Presentation Software Quizzes Audience to Gauge Level of Understanding and Recommends Appropriate Presentation Content

This web-based presentation software tests student audience understanding to determine knowledge gaps and provides recommendations to the presenters, allowing them to tailor presented information to the audience in real time. More than 6 million teachers worldwide use some form of presentation software to provide information to students. In addition, presentation software is ubiquitous in business and professional environments. However, most available presentation programs only allow a linear progression of information slides. When the audience does not understand a particular point or already grasps information to be presented, the presenter is stuck in the pre-planned sequence. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed presentation software that quizzes audience members on a regular basis to determine knowledge gaps in the audience. Based on quiz results, the program can recommend sections to the presenters and allow them to jump to different parts of the presentation to meet the appropriate knowledge level of the audience.

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Software that helps presenters tailor presentations to audience understanding


  • Indicates audience weaknesses and strengths, enabling presenters to make informed decisions as to the progression of the material to cover
  • Allows presenters to adapt presentations on the fly, improving audience understanding while saving time


This web-based presentation software requires audience members or students to bring or be provided mobile devices for personal quiz questions. At the presenter’s preference, the software can quiz the audience to determine the next best topic based on their current understanding of the presented information. The audience devices can either communicate with a web-based platform that provides answer statistics and recommendations to the presenter, or over a network directly to a server in the presentation room. The presenter then uses a presentation controller (a computer) to change the displayed slide to the most appropriate section based on responses.