Vitamin C Prodrug that Delivers Antioxidant Benefits to Rejuvenate Skin

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Safe for Use in Topical Creams and Anti-aging Cosmetics

This vitamin C prodrug, when added to topical creams and anti-aging cosmetics, delivers antioxidant benefits for improving skin’s appearance. Among humans and other animals, vitamin C is essential for many important biological/biochemical functions. It is also added to foods and cosmetics to prevent oxidation of organic components. This vitamin is believed to improve skin’s appearance by combating oxidative damage that results from UV radiation and other biological insults. Unfortunately, vitamin C itself is not stable in formulations in the presence of UV radiation and oxygen. Available derivatives and prodrugs try to address such instability of vitamin C in commercial products, but they are not very effective at delivering vitamin C into the human skin. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a prodrug of vitamin C that is more stable and exhibits a better balance of lipid and aqueous solubilities, thereby making it more effective than available options at delivering vitamin C into human skin. This prodrug can be used topically when incorporated into topical creams and anti-aging cosmetics.


Vitamin C prodrug for enhancing the effectiveness of skin care products


  • Can prevent the oxidation of organic components in topical products, making it a valuable addition to anti-aging cosmetics
  • Exhibits a balance between lipid and aqueous solubility, enhancing effective delivery into the skin
  • Limits oxidative stress, improving the appearance of the skin.


The functional group in vitamin C that creates antioxidant benefits is also responsible for its instability. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a prodrug containing soft alkyl derivatives that exhibits a balance of lipid and aqueous solubility for effectively delivering vitamin C in skin care products. Our derivatives are more stable to oxidation and can be formulated for a variety of purposes to improve skin appearance.