Caulking Gun that Enables Fast, Accurate Repairs to Damaged Roofs

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David Otway Prevatt
Kurtis R. Gurley
Craig Robert Dixon
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Gun Enables Faster, Stronger, Verifiable and Highly Efficient System for Repairing Leaky or Damaged Roofs

This lightweight, handheld sealant dispensing gun provides accurate and efficient repair to roofs damaged by wind, water, or ice. Structures with roofs that are 20 years old and older are most likely to incur shingle loss and roof leakages from storms and wind. A major source of this damage is the tendency of shingle adhesive tabs to prematurely unseal as the roof ages. Available caulking guns were not designed to repair failed shingle adhesive tabs and can bend the shingle upward (causing aged, brittle shingles to break) or administer too much adhesive (causing blistering or adhesive failure). University of Florida researchers have created a caulking gun that dispenses an exact quantity of sealant in each application through a dispensing tip engineered to fit seamlessly between two installed shingles, minimizing shingle stress and breakage. The chemical composition of the dispensed adhesive provides instant tack so that the repair will seal immediately and cure to full strength within one week.


Caulking gun that fits seamlessly between installed shingles to dispense a fixed volume of sealant


  • Gun dispenses a fixed volume of adhesive with controlled placement, preventing accidental shingle blistering, damage and adhesive failure
  • Dispensing tip design fits easily between installed shingles, protecting shingles from bending or breaking
  • Provides immediate feedback that it has sealed the tab, facilitating accurate, thorough repairs
  • Success of the repair is easily verified, earning homeowners reduced hurricane insurance premiums


This caulking gun dispenses asphalt shingle sealant through a specially designed tip that easily fits between two installed shingles without causing stress to the shingle that could result in breakage. The gun controls the amount of adhesive dispensed using a linear-advance valve, rather than a squeeze trigger, and the dispenser tip spaces the adhesive along a 6 inch width of the shingle. Repairs using this device will restore or exceed the strength of other shingle tabs on the roof and will substantially increase the strength of the entire roof framework against losses.

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