Injectable Fluid Bait to Treat Active Termite Infestations

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Nan-Yao Su
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Slow-Acting, Non-Repellant Fluid Bait Injected into Active Termite Infestations

This fluid bait matrix is injected into active termite infestations to eliminate the termite colonies. Termite infestations—which cost Americans more than $20 billion every year—can be especially troublesome because by the time damage becomes noticeable, the termites already have caused considerable destruction. Typically, pest-control companies install in-ground (IG) stations that have to be intercepted by termites before baits are consumed. However, it may take weeks and sometimes months before termites intercept the IG stations. Another bait system, above-ground (AG) stations containing baits, are designed to be placed directly on active termite feeding sites for immediate bait consumption. But it is often challenging to install AG stations in tight spots or on an uneven surface. Some homeowners dislike the AG systems because they are unsightly and because pest control professionals must have access inside the home for routine service. Hence, despite the potential of an immediate bait delivery and faster colony elimination, AG systems are not frequently used. University of Florida researchers have developed a fluid bait matrix that exterminators can inject into areas where termite activity is found, effectively eliminating problems encountered by other systems. A large quantity of fluid baits can be applied for immediate bait consumption by termites, resulting in faster colony elimination.


Remedial control of active termite infestations through injectable fluid bait


  • Injects into infested areas, such as voids in wood created by termites, making the treatment non-intrusive and limitless
  • Resists dehydration, allowing the bait to maintain proper concentrations of active ingredients
  • Uses slow-acting ingredients, allowing the bait to spread and eliminate the colony
  • Requires no complex machinery, creating an easy-to-use treatment for both amateur and professional use


This fluid bait matrix combines techniques used to exterminate termite infestations. Previous formulations have relied on adding the active ingredients directly into the liquid mixture, which risks dehydration and an imbalance of concentrations of active ingredients. However, this mixture of active ingredients adheres to cellulose particles, which are suspended in a fluid. The fluid is then injected into areas where termite infestations are suspected or confirmed to exist. The liquid pools in voids created by the termites. The active ingredients are slow-acting, taking several weeks to take effect. This allows time for termites to bring the bait back to other termites in the colony. In addition to (non-repellant) insect growth inhibitors, the bait mixture also can include phagostimulants, chemicals that induce the termites to eat even more of the bait.