Continuous Ultrasound Monitor for Quick Alert of Pneumothorax

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Sean P Kiley
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Automatically Detects and Sounds Alarm if Patient’s Lungs Are Compromised During Procedures

This continuous ultrasound monitor uses motion mode ultrasound and an algorithm-based software to alert medical staff to a possible pneumothorax before it becomes life threatening. Pneumothorax, the medical term for a collapsed lung, occurs when air leaks into the space between the lung and the chest wall and exerts enough pressure to the outside of the lung to make part or all of the lung to collapse. The condition can be life-threatening. In trauma centers such as emergency rooms, patients present with injuries that require immediate surgery, and often times a pneumothorax is missed or deemed clinically insignificant. Under positive pressure ventilation in an operating room, a pneumothorax rapidly can progress to a critical, life-threatening scenario. While the use of motion mode ultrasound in diagnosing pneumothorax is common, it requires a skilled operator to hold a probe in place and interpret the results. Researchers at the University of Florida have presented a motion mode ultrasound detection system that continuously monitors for pneumothorax by connecting the machine to a sticker “lead” attached to a strategic area of the patient’s chest, eliminating the need for an operator. The monitor will sound an alarm should it detect a pattern indicating a pneumothorax, alerting medical personnel to the condition before it becomes life threatening.


Motion mode ultrasound that continuously monitors for pneumothorax


  • Uses lead attached to patient’s chest to monitor for pneumothorax, eliminating need for an operator to conduct ultrasound and interpret images
  • Continuously monitors and sounds alarm if pneumothorax is present, alerting medical personnel to the potential issue before it becomes life-threatening


This continuous ultrasound monitor automatically detects the presence of a pneumothorax using M-mode ultrasound and alerts medical personnel. Rather than require an operator positioning a probe on a patient’s chest, this monitor can be connected to a sticker “lead” attached to a strategic area of the patient’s chest. When a patient does not have a pneumothorax, a neutral pattern is evident on the display screen. When a patient does have a pneumothorax, an alert displays on the screen and the monitor sounds an alarm. This alerts attendants to the possible presence of a pneumothorax before it becomes life-threatening.