High-Gain Antenna for Improving Satellite Communication Link Coverage

Technology #14112

Reduced-Size Antenna Is Less Costly and Appropriate for Both Industrial and Retail Settings

This high-gain antenna provides better satellite link coverage than existing products at a reduced size and cost. The narrow, focused radio-wave beams of high-gain antennas are optimal for long-distance communication. Whether transmitting or receiving information, high-gain antennas can boost signal strength by up to 100 times the levels achieved with low-gain antennas. Unfortunately, narrower beams typically require larger antennas. Available high-gain antennas create space-constraint problems and are often costly to produce. By employing a customized packaging design, University of Florida researchers have developed a smaller high-gain antenna that provides wider communication coverage at a fraction of the production cost of commercial alternatives. This high-gain antenna can be modified to meet specific mission requirements, and its versatility makes it appropriate for industrial and retail settings.


Smaller, less-expensive, high-gain antenna for enhanced pico- and nano-satellite communication link coverage


  • Improves antenna gain and satellite coverage, facilitating longer-distance satellite communication
  • Smaller size is more economical to produce, reducing end cost and space-constraint issues
  • Customizable and versatile, appealing to both consumers and the industrial market


High-gain antennas facilitate longer distance satellite communication by using a narrow radiofrequency wave beam width coupled with higher directivity and efficiency. The higher the gain of the antenna, the more effective it is in focusing dispersed radio waves into a narrow plane, resulting in information-conveying signals. Likewise, the more concentrated the incoming waves, the clearer the produced signals. Therefore, high-gain antennas are optimal for wireless satellite communication over expansive coverage areas. Given their wide coverage range and precise radio wave focusing abilities, high-gain antennas are commonly used for space communication and long-distance land communication.