Probiotics for Improved Oral Health and Fewer Cavities

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This probiotic mixture contains alkalinogenic bacteria that promote oral health by displacing the harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. Dental caries, or cavities, the most prevalent infectious disease worldwide, affect one in five Americans. Often brought on by changes in the normal microbial composition of the oral biofilm, dental caries can cause pain and result in tooth loss if left untreated. Oral biofilms are delicate ecosystems that can be thrown out of balance by consumption of sugary foods and drinks, tobacco use, and medications that decrease saliva production. The resulting proliferation of harmful, acid-producing bacteria leads to dental caries. Researchers at the University of Florida have identified the attributes of oral bacteria that can promote a healthy biofilm and have isolated multiple species of alkalinogenic (alkali-producing) bacteria from natural human dental biofilms that can be used to create a probiotic mixture that protects teeth from damage. Defined probiotic mixtures containing naturally-occurring alkalinogenic bacteria will promote oral health by displacing the harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. Administered in a clinical or home setting, this health-promoting bacterial mixture could be distributed through multiple product channels to capture a portion of the $6 billion oral healthcare market.


A probiotic mixture of naturally occurring alkalinogenic bacteria that displace the acid-producing bacteria that cause cavities


  • Contains bacteria found in healthy human mouths, ensuring safety
  • Allows for clinical or home use, enhancing convenience
  • Could be incorporated into foods, drinks, mouthwashes, toothpastes and existing probiotic products or used by itself, increasing product versatility


In healthy mouths, acid-producing bacteria are outnumbered by “good” bacteria that foster a less acidic oral environment. University of Florida researchers have identified and isolated naturally occurring alkalinogenic bacteria that are positively associated with oral health. With regular use, this oral probiotic mixture will displace the harmful bacteria that cause dental caries (cavities).