Monoclonal Antibodies Against Trinucleotide TNGW1 (TNRC6G)

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Edward Kar Leung Chan
Songqing Li
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Targeting a Protein That Contributes To Testicular Cancer

Scientists at the University of Florida have developed a wide variety of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, cell lines, vectors and biological materials that can be used in other research projects. Anyone interested in accessing these materials via a license from the University of Florida should contact our office to make arrangements. RNA interference (RNAi), triggered by small interfering RNA and microRNA (miRNA), is a potent mechanism in post-transcriptional regulation for gene expression. GW182 is a 182kDa protein which binds to the 3’ untranslated region of mRNA targeted by miRNA and resulting in translation suppression. Trinucleotide GW1 (TNGW1) is a novel 210kDa isoform of human GW182; so named because it contains trinucleotide repeats in the mRNA sequence. TNGW1 expresses independently of GW182 and is present in human testes and various human cancer cells. Journal article: