LCSC Rat Liver Cell Lines: Cholangiocarcinoma Cell Lines from F344 RatsĀ 

Technology #12968

Cell Lines Developed From Liver Cancer Cells in Rats

Scientists at the University of Florida have developed a wide variety of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, cell lines, vectors and biological materials that can be used in other research projects. Anyone interested in accessing these materials via a license from the University of Florida should contact our office to make arrangements. Six cholangiocarcinoma cell lines were developed from F344 rats that had been administered aflatoxin B1 subsequent to liver stem cell mobilization/proliferation. The established rat cell lines, named LCSCs, were immunophenotypically characterized in vitro and their tumorigenicity was assessed in transplant studies. The six cell lines adopted epithelioid morphology, intermingled with small OCT3/4+ cells, and shared with the primary tumors the expression of OV6, CK19, AFP, CD133, cMet, G-CSF and G-CSFR. The transplanted cell lines also appear to incorporate normally into the regenerating recipient livers forming cords of tumor-derived hepatocytes and suggesting the ability to differentiate down the hepatocyte lineage.