Control Plane System to Safely and Accurately Transfer Large Amounts of Data

Technology #12376

Establishes Dedicated Bandwidths and Reserves Specific Channels to Efficiently Convey Information

This device is designed to control access to a network which can be utilized by a variety of industries to safely and accurately transfer large amounts of data. High Bandwidth Systems are increasingly using control plane for managing the traffic on the network. This is necessary for reliable network connection for a number of applications. This network system utilizes dedicated bandwidth channels to offer large capacity for massive data transfer operations. Additionally, the invention provides dynamically stable bandwidth for monitoring and steering operations. This device creates an effective technique for reserving such dedicated bandwidth channels, either on-demand or in advance, to ensure successful data transfer operations.


A connection-oriented network with a control server to establish dedicated bandwidths and reserve specific channels for successful large-scale data transfer operations


  • Can transfer enormous amounts of data across wide-area networks, a requirement for many large-scale science and consumer companies thus serving multiple markets
  • Can efficiently transfer multiple data transfers simultaneous improving the economics of each transfer
  • Records from different branches of the same organization can be synchronized in remote storage in off-peak hours, providing timely and reliable data updates
  • Bandwidth requirements can be reserved, securing necessary space so data can be transferred in a timely and complete fashion
  • Dedicated bandwidths are dynamically stable, providing a successful method for data monitoring and steering


This invention includes a connection-oriented network and a control server which work together to transfer large amounts of data. The control server receives requests to establish and utilize dedicated channels of a network. The requests are fulfilled by various scheduling methods and algorithms, which consider factors such as the request’s requirements and the resources of the network, to determine a channel bandwidth. The control server considers a multitude of factors when determining channels, including finding the highest available bandwidth for a specific time and determining the earliest available time for a specific bandwidth request.