NecDew - Synthetic Nectar-Honeydew Ant Bait

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Rudolf Helmut Scheffrahn Ph.D.
John Warner Ph.D.
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John Byatt
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Mimics an Ant’s Normal Diet to Increase the Effectiveness of the Insecticide

This development in ant bait technology efficiently eliminates large ant colonies for farmers and homeowners. An ant’s diet typically consists of nectars and honeydews; our attractant formula precisely mimics these dietary sources, significantly increasing the consumption of bait. Comprehensive laboratory and field-tests (on the white-footed ant, one of the most difficult to control pest ant species) prove NecDew™ is significantly better at attracting and exterminating pests than existing insecticides.


Homeowners, farmers, and pest control professionals will use the superior bait to engage and destroy ant colonies


  • Designed to replicate an ant’s normal diet, even the most discerning ant palate (i.e. the white-footed ant) is unable to distinguish between Nectars, Honeydews, and our Synthetic Nectar-Honeydew matrix, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of insecticides
  • Provides substantial savings to pest control operators by preventing the need for multiple applications of less effective insecticides
  • Able to be used in conjunction with numerous insect toxins (in liquid, gel, or granule form), NecDew™ offers flexibility


Developed at the University of Florida’s premier Department of Entomology and Nematology, the NecDew™ formula, specifically designed to cater to pest ants' palates, is a state-of-the-art attractant. Cognizant of the characteristics necessary to improve the efficacy of insecticides, our research-ers formulated NecDew™ to maximize the consumption of numerous insect toxins and amplify the rate of uptake. NecDew™ attractant is a techno-logically advanced and cost effective bait.